We can help you if:  

You want to get a 
guaranteed long-term monthly rent 
for your investment property 
You're fed up with having to 
manage tenants 
and worry about void periods 
You want to 
maximise the return from your investment property 
but you’re not able to maintain or manage it yourself (or simply don’t want to) 
Your property needs 
work doing 
to it before it can be let out 

Benefits to you are: 

Hassle-free local management of your property 
Full payment of the agreed rent every month – no voids, ever! 
No day-to-day maintenance issues or costs 
Property condition maintained, or even improved (our service includes modernisation and refurbishment of your property, where necessary) 
Monthly rental paid direct into your bank account 

When the property is returned to you: 

It will be in at least as good a condition as when we took it over – and probably better! 
You will have earned a trouble-free, realistic monthly income throughout the agreed contract period 
You will have kept all the equity in your property 
In other words, we will improve your property, whilst also generating a regular income for you! 
…So if this sounds like your sort of thing, please get in touch! 
Please note: We would also be interested in buying your property, should you decide at any point that the time has come to release the value you’ve built up. 
We also find tenants for the properties, carrying out extensive tenancy checks. We guarantee the landlord's rent with no voids and we cover day to day maintenance costs. All at no charge to the landlord! 
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