Niki rented my property from me in February this year. Prior to this, I had had a nightmare with the tenants who had been living at the property. They caused extensive damage, were involved in criminal activities and finally left leaving un-paid bills & un-paid rent. 
When Niki approached me, I was initially a bit sceptical about what she was offering. To be honest it seemed too good to be true, as she was offering to pay me a guaranteed rent without having to worry about not getting payment if there were no tenants in the property! 
She was also willing to cover day-to-day maintenance costs and not charge me for the service she was providing! 

How has your experience of Westfield Noble been compared to other letting agents? 

I have used Letting Agents in the past and have had to pay a management charge and cover the costs when I have no tenants at the property, as well as paying for any repairs and maintenance. 
I was a bit worried about her letting my property to multiple tenants rather than just one family, but after meeting Niki several times, I became completely confident that she knew what she was doing. I could also see that was how she made her money. 

How have you found the service from Westfield Noble? 

Niki has been looking after my property for over 6 months now and it has been brilliant! I have not been bothered with any issues and my rent has been paid every month without fail. After the nightmare of the previous year it has been a real weight off my mind. 
If I knew any other Landlords, I would definitely recommend that they let Niki have their properties to look after too!! 
Michael (Landlord, Tewkesbury) 
Having been posted by my company to work abroad for three years, I wanted to keep my property in Bristol, but not leave it empty. I had thought of letting it out via a letting agent, but due to some problems with letting out a previous house of mine using a letting company, I was very reluctant to do this again. 
I met Stuart through a business contact and, after a couple of meetings with him, I was reassured that his company would look after the property for me and pay me a regular monthly rent. 
His company has let my house from me for three years and they rent the rooms out to professional tenants. 

How does using Westfield Noble compare to letting your property yourself? 

During the time that they have been looking after my house, at no cost to me, I have received the following benefits: 
Rent payment from Stuart’s company paid directly into my bank every month without fail 
No worry about maintenance issues 
No worry about the property being empty, as voids are no longer my problem. 
I am reassured that the property is regularly inspected by them 
I know that a cleaner visits the property regularly to clean the communal areas, but also to report back any problems 
I know that the garden is maintained by a gardener employed by them. 
I am busy in my job and do not have time to worry about my house. Stuart keeps me informed about the house and any work needed. I feel completely comfortable with the arrangements and have no hesitation in recommending Stuart’s company. 
John (Landlord, Bristol) 
Hi Niki, 
I am writing this testimonial in support of the development of your business, as I know you would like to take over the management of more properties to relieve the pressure on already stressed landlords. 
Firstly, I would like to say what a pleasure it has been to meet you and to do business with you! 
I can't recommend your services more highly for a number of reasons: 
1) You have taken over the running of my property and over the past 2 years the day-to-day management of the property has been exemplary. 
2) There have been no issues with any of the tenants, and the neighbours are very happy with the tenants and the maintenance of the grounds and garden. 
3) As a landlord, it is comforting that the monthly rent is guaranteed by yourself and paid on time every month. 
4) Of particular note was your management of a mains water pressure burst in February, which resulted in considerable damage. You dealt with the insurance company and all the trades people throughout the whole process, resulting in the house receiving a virtually full refurbishment. The standard of finish is second to none. I thank you very much for all your hard work. 
For landlords looking for someone to take over the running of their properties with no fuss, your calm business-like approach is very reassuring. 
Kind regards,  
Nigel Millett 
We are very happy with Westfield Noble, especially with Niki Breeze who has been a fantastic landlady, always very helpful, supportive and someone you can count on. 
Always very prompt to fix/sort out any issue that has come up during the tenancy.  
Nothing is ever too much trouble.  
We couldn't have chosen better.  

Highly recommended! 

Susanna (Tenant, Tewkesbury) 


I have lived as a tenant in one of Stuart's flats for 2 years now, and I am very happy to have Westfield Noble as my landlord. 
Any problems and they deal with them straightaway.  
Stuart is a very kind landlord and I can talk to him anytime with any problems regarding the flat.  
The flat was newly decorated when I moved in, to a very high standard indeed and partly furnished. 
I have no complaints at all with the flat I live in and I am proud to live here and be a tenant of Stuart and Westfield Noble. 

I could not wish for a kinder landlord! 

Neil (Tenant, Tewkesbury) 
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